Building 21st Century Skills for kids using Strategy games!

What are 21st century skills?


The Battelle for Kids P21 Framework for 21st Century Skills is a framework created with input from teachers, education experts, and business leaders.

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These skills have become increasingly important

With the unpredictable world and the rapidly changing technology, skills have become of equal importance as knowledge, if not more.

"We need active forms of learning rather than passive ones that focus on memorization"

"21st Century skills are linked with future employability and success"

"85% jobs todayโ€™s kids will be doing arenโ€™t even invented"

We are empowering kids with

21st-century Skills

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in the sessions

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How Grok Works

For 60 minutes/week, kids collaborate to solve real world problems. Problems are designed to be fun for kids and embed real world concepts

Session facilitated by handpicked facilitators

Max. group of 10 kids

Access to community of like-minded peers

Async activities and quizzes

Our awesome features

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Give your child the opportunity to build the essential 21st-century skills.

Some of our Games


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Frequently Asked Questions

We love questions! Here are few that might have crossed your mind

Kids aged 8-15 years tend to extract maximum value out of our games. However, we do have few kids who are younger & feel right at home. Reach out to us & we'd be happy to guide you!

At Grok, kids solve real world problems while making friends and building frameworks. Talk about preparing for the future!

Think of our games as a digital sandbox that recreates real world complexity & uncertainty. When kids play our games, they are problem solving & collaborating, just like how they would have to in real life.

If you end up not finding value with what we do, we'd be sad. But we will refund your money, if you cancel before 3rd week.

Every Facilitator on our platform is hired only after a rigorous selection process. Because our approach to learning is radically new, all of them go through a training session designed by International educators.

Please drop in a mail ( We would love to answer any questions!

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