Our Vision

Thinking for yourself. Coming up with original thoughts. Solving problems with peers who have similar interests. Finding answers to questions on your own (with Google). Facing uncertainty.

You might not associate these words with traditional schools.

However, what we do know is that the world is only going to get more complex, with exponential increase in volume of information and choices.

With so much information, the need is to find ways to process and synthesize information, not memorise it.

There is a need for a specific mindset that will empower kids to be successful in a complex world. There is a need to help & support kids to start thinking for themselves.

And this mindset needs to be built early on.


Because as kids become older, the natural curiosity gives way to unnatural obedience.

The best time to start preparing to be successful in an unpredictable world was yesterday.

The Team


Resident of Rabbit Holes. Ex - Head of Product at a Decacorn (Gojek). Ex -Growth (Twitter)


Mother of an 8 year old. Worked extensively with alternate pedagogies Ex - Founder of an Indie Game Dev. studio.

Game Magician

Voice of Grok

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