Our Method

We build 21st-century skills using an ACTIVE PEDAGOGY pedagogy /ˈpɛdəɡɒdʒi/ Method or approach to teaching

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21st-century skills need an Active Pedagogy

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The best* education systems have already transitioned

*PISA Ranking 2018

Finland Education System

Moved away from the prescriptive, content-based curriculum. Increased focus on 21st Century skills like critical thinking & problem solving.

Singapore Ministry of Education

Dropped 1/3rd of their traditional content to focus on learning outcomes and prioritized skill based competencies like collaborative thinking and self directed learning.

Unique Approach to Skill-building

We use active pedagogy to create an environment that makes kids THINK. SYNTHESIZE. ACT.

Teachers love our method

Games that make learnings invisible

Kids simply play and have fun. Learning happens on its own

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Frequently Asked Questions

We love questions! Here are few that might have crossed your mind

Remember the times when you just "Get something?" Grok means to understand something intuitively and profoundly. Grok it?

Not yet. We are complementing traditional education by building 21st Century Skills for kids using games.

We use a blend of Real World & Academic concepts to craft our games. Concepts like How Money Works, Taxation, Making Decisions under Uncertainty are few of the concepts that kids learn

We have a monthly subscription offer, where in the subscription starts from the first class and continues for the next 30 days.

You can cancel your subscription anytime.. Once the subscription is cancelled, you will not be charged next month.

Every Facilitator on our platform is hired only after a rigorous selection process. Because our approach to learning is radically new, all of them go through a training session designed by International eduators.

Please drop in a mail or even better, book a 30 min call with our Founders. We would love to answer any questions!

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